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To the Editor:

A few questions have been asked about USagain boxes that are around the area. Many people are not aware of what they are for. With spring cleaning right around the corner, this box could benefit you.

You can basically put any shreddable textile in them. USagain is a for-profit company that shreds (recycles) the items, which are then sold for insulation, base for roads, etc. Items can be sheets, blankets, towels, coats, socks, boots, shoes, all clothes, curtains, purses, back packs and the list goes on.  For a more complete list, please go to their website at  They also have a list of what and where the recycled products go.

If you usually donate to Twice as Nice, Goodwill or the Salvation Army, please continue to do so.  These are very worthy organizations that also need your support.  If you have clothes that are good for resale, please give it to them.

The USagain box is great for clothes that are stained, torn or have holes in them.

In Caledonia, these green and white boxes are located at Redwood, Elsie’s and Quillin’s. Hokah Co-op and Red’s IGA also have them.

USagain does resell these items for a profit, but what a great way to reuse products and not fill up our land fills. According to their web site, one pair of leather shoes takes 50 years to break down.

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